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Save More Water with a Smart Irrigation Controller

Call Today and get 25% OFF a Hydrawise Smart Controller

Gain huge water savings without digging up your current irrigation system! A smart irrigation controller automatically adjusts watering based on internet-sourced local weather data, helping reduce your water usage and save you money.

Our team at Enviroturf is happy to provide you with the most advanced water-saving tools in the industry for your landscape.

With an EPA WaterSense-approved Hydrawise™ controller from Hunter Industries, you also get:

· Predictive Watering™ technology that automatically adjusts irrigation to local weather conditions — so watering only occurs when it’s needed, and never when it’s not

· Instant system access from your smartphone, tablet, or the web

· Real-time alerts in the event of a problem, like pipe leaks or damaged rotors, when you add a flow sensor

· Forecast and history data help to ensure that just the right amount of watering is applied

· Connection to Amazon Alexa™ smart home systems for voice-activated control

Let us help you save money and maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape. Contact us anytime at 416-989-1699 or



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