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This 2-channel class D power amplifier features a mono or stereo speaker output, with support for 4-ohm and 8-ohm speakers. Stereo looping outputs allow you to chain amplifiers together to create additional audio zones. Budget-friendly and versatile, it is compatible with dual voltage 110V/220V, can be programmed to work with any TV or control system and you can easily add bass with the sub-out. IR remote and wall-mount brackets are included. 


TruAudio’s newest amplifier, the TRU-S500DSP, puts endless possibilities at your fingertips! It works seamlessly with all 5 of TruAudio's passive subwoofers: Trident, Trunami, SubTerrain 12, SubTerrain 10, and the RK SUB. The 500-watt DSP amplifier is rack mountable, has a thin 1U chassis and both balanced XLR and RCA inputs. Upgrade to the new TRU-S500DSP and take your audio system to a whole new level!



TruAudio’s Acoustiscape speakers bring a new dimension to outdoor audio. Available in a 4.5”, 6”, 8", and 260º dispersion versions, the Acoustiscape is designed to not only blend into any landscape, but provide rich sound with amazing amounts of volume. Flexible mounting options, robust design, and weatherproof quality make the Acoustiscape perfect for any outdoor installation.


RK Series

Not all landscapes are created equal. That is why TruAudio has introduced its full line of all-weather rock speakers. Available in two different colors, TruAudio rock speakers are offered in an 8” configuration. They compliment any outdoor space allowing the audio enthusiast to experience sound in a natural setting.



TruAudio’s SubTerrain subwoofers are designed to do exactly what its name intends - Be buried in the ground. This form factor allows for the outdoor listening experience to now include deep hearty bass while effortlessly blending into any landscape.


Luxury Outdoor Sound is what TruAudio does best, and we continue to expand this series with our new Hardscape Subwoofer. It is the perfect option to add the deeper, rich, low end bass to your outdoor entertainment area when an underground subwoofer is not an option. Regardless of terrain, our new 12" Hardscape sub was designed to withstand exterior elements. Its compact and versatile form allows you to place it in cabinets, patio areas, or hidden in your yard's landscape. The Hardscape Sub complements our Acoustiscape landscape packages and the 70v tap setting allows for easy install, no matter how large or small of your outdoor area.


Many Packages to choose from !!!

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