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Misting Systems

Greenhouse Misting Systems for Cooling & Humidification

Commercial greenhouse growers understand that the best crops come from a carefully cultivated indoor environment. The right microclimate and delivery system ensures plants grow in an optimal setting, increasing marketable yield and maximizing profits. A misting system influences the environment to help maximize yields during the growing season while also helping to grow healthier seeds for the next planting season. Creating the perfect microclimate within the greenhouse often involves many changing variables that are challenging to control. Determining how to best juggle each factor takes time and effort.

How Does a Misting System Work?

Using a high-pressure pump, and stainless steel misting lines installed with specialty nozzles, a misting system works to atomize water that is pushed throughout the line to create ultra small droplets that fill the air. These droplets instantly interact with their surrounding environments to absorb heat and cool the air as the water evaporates.

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Patio Cooling

Any time an outdoor environment is faced with rising temperatures, using outdoor cooling solutions such as misting systems or using misting fans outdoors is beneficial. In high temperatures, people and animals quickly seek refuge from the heat. If refuge is not found, physiological responses can quickly escalate to dangerous levels. Plant’s reproductive development may be damaged by high temperatures, or damage may occur to components of leaf photosynthesis.
The fragility of certain goods reacts to the heat and may be damaged beyond repair.  Outdoor cooling systems use high pressure, pure water, misting and/or commercial and industrial misting fans to enhance outdoor environments making them more comfortable, functional, and inviting. Add a Landscape Lighting system to make a really cool effect at night time.

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