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Commercial Service

Maintaining a commercial property can be a challenge at times. Whether it is Retail, Multi-tenant, Greenroof, Institution, Artificial/Natural Turf or Municipal Streetscapes, Enviroturf can do it! Your days are always packed full with meetings and phone calls etc. The watering of landscape needs on your property can get put on the back burner. At Enviroturf Inc. we don't want to see that happen to you or your organization. We offer a variety of services that will put your mind at ease so you can start getting those meetings and phone calls dealt with. The best representation of your property is to  maintain a beautiful landscape. It shows the pride within your organization, and ensures a durable and economical lawns and gardens. Our professional Technicians will make sure to have your place looking better than ever.


Things about us:

  • Professional Service Technicians

  • GPS Vehicles

  • Fully Insured

  • Hindsite Data Management

  • Profession Parts

  • First Aid Certified


Services we offer:

  • Spring Start-ups

  • Fall Closings

  • Irrigation System Audits

  • Diagnose and Service existing Irrigation Systems

  • Central Control and water saving techniques

  • Pipe and Wire Repairs

  • Solenoid Valve Repairs

  • Controller Repairs

  • Pump Repairs

  • Valve box lock installation

  • Raising and Lower sprinkler heads

  • Controller and Head relocation

  • Wire Tracing

  • System Expansion

  • Fountain Service

  • Pump station Service

  • Decoder Troubleshooting

  • Back Flow Testing and Repair

  • WSIP Audit

  • Trenching and pipe plowing

  • Wireless Valve Service

  • Many More


Please call us to book an appointment at 416-989-1699.

*Please note that all our service technicians record everything they do on site and this information is entered into a database to keep everything organized for us and your company.

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