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Residential Irrigation Service & Retrofit

Residential Service

Providing excellent service is what we strive for at Enviroturf. We have been doing it for 25 Years. All of our service vehicles are equipped with fully stocked top quality parts. Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS device for accurate billing. Each technician has our software on their company phone to look at the history of the site and to complete all of notes and provide the parts used while on site. All Enviroturf technicians are trained to perform any repair. Technician training is provided in-house, on the job along with Manufacturer/Distributor courses. All staff is trained in Worker Safety. We stand behind are repairs and make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Spring Start-up

A Spring start up should be done by a trained professional. An Irrigation Technician is trained to open up the water source properly without causing any damage to the mainline or the valves.  The system is then inspected for any leaks after the system is pressurized.  Once the system is free of any leaks, a full system run through making sure the system is running at its top performance. This run through is performed from the irrigation controller. If there are any deficiencies (such as broken heads, crooked heads, faulty nozzles or lateral line leaks) the technician will fix the issues on site after Homeowner approval. If an extensive repair, such as valve or controller replacement, then a quote will be provided. Once the system has had a complete run through the technician will then setup the schedule on the controller for the spring months.  Final checks will be made to determine that the Rain sensor, Weather Sensor or Moisture Sensor is working correctly. The technician will then send the report to the office electronically and it will be saved in our system for future reference and billing.

Seasonal Preventive Maintenance Programs

This is one thing we really enjoy doing at Enviroturf. The reason these services are so important is that we can see if there are any problems that may have occurred from month to month. There may be a sprinkler head that has been hit by a lawn mower and is pooling or spraying water. There could be electrical issues that you were unaware of. One of the biggest things to consider is how your landscape changes with plant and lawn growth throughout the season. Where a sprinkler head is to low or has to be moved. Most times in the spring the sprinkler head looks like it is performing well and then a month later is could be blocked by a plant that has grown over or in front of it and now is being blocked.  So we can move the sprinkler head and get the best performance of the head. Seasonal packages are available per visit.


Enviroturf wants to make sure that your investment is protected at all times. We train our technicians to close an irrigation system properly. Most sites we take over in the spring we find damaged after another irrigation company or maintenance personnel closed it down. We ensure the backflow preventer is shut down and set in the proper position for the cold weather so it doesn't split or crack. All the pipes are blown through with a 185 CFM or bigger compressor depending on the needs of the system.  We make sure there is no water left in the system.  Once we leave the site you will not have anything to worry about. We stand by our service and make sure you are 100% Satisfied.  A system that has not been blown out properly can cost thousands of dollars and could result in a whole new irrigation system.

Services we offer:

  • Spring Start-ups

  • Fall Closings

  • System Retrofits (adding zones adding/moving heads for better coverage)

  • Irrigation System Audits

  • Diagnose and Service existing Irrigation Systems

  • Water saving techniques

  • Pipe and Wire Repairs

  • Solenoid Valve Repairs

  • Controller Repairs

  • Raising and Lower sprinkler heads

  • Controller and Head relocation

  • Wire Tracing

  • System Expansion

  • Fountain Service

  • Back Flow Testing and Repair

  • WSIP Audit

  • Many More

Please call us to book an appointment at 416-989-1699.

*Please note that all our service technicians record everything they do on site and this information is entered into a database to keep everything organized for us and your company.

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