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Fertilizer Injection Systems

Fertilizer Injection Systems or Fertigation, is the easiest safest way to fertilize your lawn and gardens. The fertilizer kit connects into you existing irrigation systems main line (protected with a backflow preventer). Every time your irrigation system runs, a small amount of diluted fertilizer is injected into the lines, which is evenly distributed by your sprinkler heads. The compact dilution tank is easy to fill, and is an additional service, which Enviroturf offers.


The advantages are:

  • Easy convenient retrofit to existing irrigation systems

  • Extremely inexpensive way to fertilize

  • Fertilizer is accurately applied by your irrigation system

  • Fertilizer refills are reasonably inexpensive

  • Noticing lusher landscapes within a few weeks

  • Compact size


Please call us to book an appointment at 416-989-1699.

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